We know that understanding your calories and macros (protein, fats and carbs) matter, but we also know that many don’t know what a “macro” is or understand ‘how much of what’ is in the foods they eat. Someone new to understanding nutrition does not necessarily need this detail to see initial results.

As a personal trainers, we’ve worked with hundreds of clients into a thousand, each with a unique set of circumstances. The type & style of workouts dictate outcomes, but, for many just starting, the primary focus should be on proper movement, walking, cycling, low intensity exercises and not repetitions, progressions, or hitting personal bests. 

That's why we've created these courses to help as many people as possible begin their path to living a fit, healthy, and active lifestyle...Even if you are a seasoned veteran to health and fitness, you will benefit as well, because you'll learn a whole bunch of new habits too.



Chose Your Challenge Below

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The 14 Day Improve Your Gut Challenge 

This 14-day habit coaching program encourages you to improve your gut health. The goal is to simply create more awareness of how the food you eat impacts your overall health and daily well-being.


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The 14 Day Eat Real Food Challenge

This 14-day  habit coaching program encourages you to increase your frequency of eating healthy single-ingredient foods while reducing unnecessary processed ones.


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The 14 Day Stop Snacking Challenge

This 14-day habit coaching program will help you eat regularly throughout the day while being in tune with your hunger and fullness cues. It will help you ‘re-connect’ with your body.



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"I feel stronger, fitter and healthier"

“I feel stronger, fitter and healthier than I have ever done in my life. I feel younger than ever and have unbounded energy most of the time! If I miss a workout I know it... I feel lethargic and grumpy. Some days I can’t get motivated but I do it even in the rain/cold/snow and as soon as I’m working out I’m happy."



"I've managed to lose at least 10kg and become more confident"

"I feel like a completely new person! I've managed to lose at least 10kg and become more confident and happy with myself. None of it would have been possible if it wasn't for Body Image Bootcamp, they are faultless and make working out an enjoyable thing to do!

It was by far the best decision I've made my only regret is I wish I done it sooner!"



"I lost an inch and a half on my waist, inch and a half on hips"

"So after all the hard work I have been putting into my exercise and healthy eating, I'm happy to say I have lost an inch and a half on my waist, inch and a half on hips and the same with my thighs (which at first were the same size as my waist and I hated! ) So chuffed with my progress so far, and feel so much more confident in myself" 



"made me fall back in love with exercise <3"

"I'm so pleased to be getting stronger, and am so grateful to the amazing team at Body Image Bootcamp who make my week better every week and have made me fall back in love with exercise <3"



"I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin"

"The workouts are so much fun and now I actually look forward to going to doing exercise.

Body Image Bootcamp have really helped me in so many ways. I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin and feel like I can wear what I want now without worrying.

Thanks Body Image Bootcamp"


Celeb Chef Mike Robinson

"I lost 8kg of body fat, 5 inches off my waist"

“I have been wanting to lose some weight for a while now, and thanks to Mark I was finally able to do that in a short amount of time, in preparation for some filming I’m doing. I did HIIT, which is quick and fun to do. I lost 8kg of body fat, 5 inches off my waist and gained a lot of strength needed for my job. Thanks again Mark and I am keeping up the good work now you have got me motivated and able to see quick results!“

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Meet The Guide Creator

Hi, my name is Mark. Owner of Body Image Bootcamp (BIBC). There is no shortage in "weight loss" and "fitness and mindset programs" out there today. The unfortunate but true fact is that over 90% of all fitness related solutions fail to deliver. Fat loss pills, fad diets, and infomercial gadgets just don't work. But there is something that does… and we'd to give you the opportunity to learn more about it.

We've coached thousands of people just like you in the last 8 years. Our coaching and nutrition and mindset systems have been used to help people just like you to transform their lives!